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How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost?

Pricing is all customizable. It all depends on much help you need.

Do you have venues that you only work with?

No. We have several Hickory Venue locations that we have a well working relationship with, but we will work wherever you need us.

Do you only do weddings in Hickory?

No, though we have many connections in this area. We do travel. 

How many planners are availble for my wedding day?

We have multiple staff members. We never have just one planner working alone on the day of.

Do i need a planner for my hickory wedding?

No one HAS to have a wedding planner, but it is recommended. Weddings can be very stressful and it's always helpful to have someone keep you on track with timelines and bounce ideas off of. And someone needs to be the bad guy if family members or friends overstep their boundaries- that's where we come in. You have enough stress to deal with.

What are your hickory planners backgrounds?

All of our planners come from different areas of life that can help with your day. From a professional make-up artist - to a catering manager. Plus, we are all originally from Hickory.

Can your wedding planners save me money?

Yes. One of the main jobs of a planner is to find you the best prices for everything. To see all of our connections read here.

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